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Alcoholic Liver Disease

Alcoholic liver disease is the major cause of liver disease in Western countries. Alcohol consumption is high in most Western countries. In the US, more than 10% of people abuse or are dependent on alcohol, leading to a high incidence of alcoholic liver disease. The male to female ratio is about 2:1.

Fatty Liver caused by Alcohol

In 90% excessive alcohol consumption is leading to fatty liver. This is the beginning of a cascade to alcoholic liver disease.

Alcoholic hepatitis

Excessive ingestion of alcohol can cause acute hepatitis or due to fatty change an inflammatory reaction. However this is not always related to the dose of alcohol. Some people seem more prone to this reaction than others. Longer exposure can lead to liver fibrosis. Alcoholic hepatitis occurs in 10 to 35%.

Liver Fibrosis caused by Alcohol

Hepatic fibrosis caused by alcohol Fatty change and alcoholic hepatitis are probably reversible. The later stages of fibrosis and cirrhosis tend to be irreversible but can usually be quite well managed for long periods of time.

Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis

Alcoholic liver disease from excessive long term alcohol consumption leads in 10 to 20% to Cirrhosis.

Cirrhosis is the advanced stage of alcoholic liver disease marked by irreversable fibrosis and altered liver architecture.

Late complications of Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis

    The late complications of alcoholic liver disease include:
    • portal hypertension
    • coagulation disorders
    • ascites
    • hepatic encephalopathy
    • hepatorenal syndrome
    • Hepatocellular carcinoma

    Hepatocellular carcinoma

    Hepatocellular carcinoma may also develop in about 20% of advanced alcoholic liver cirrhosis.

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alcoholic liver disease

Alcoholic liver disease