Chronic Liver Diseases

 Acute Hepatic Failure

 Pediatric Liver Diseases

Indications in Hepatology and Liver Diseases

Liver diseases represent a huge problem for the health care systems and of course for the patients. On the other hand, sadly to say, the various indications in hepatology are an interesting market for the medical industry.

Especially chronic liver diseases are a growing problem. One third of the world's total population (2 billion) has been infected with hepatitis B virus of whom more than 350 million people (perhaps 400) are inflicted by chronic HBV and about 170 million by hepatitis C. 20% of those patients with chronic liver diseases from viral hepatitis might develop a liver cirrhosis which might end in the need of a liver transplantation (LTx). Again 20% of the chronic hepatitis patients have the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), calling for liver resection. A growing problem is alcoholic liver disease with a similar path. The fastest growing segment in hepatology is nonalcoholic steatohepatitis or NASH the most extreme form of NAFLD, which is regarded as a major cause of cryptogenic cirrhosis of the liver. 25,000,000 Americans - one in every 10 - are afflicted with liver-related diseases each year.

Acute liver diseases or fulminant hepatic failure are, considering the narrow definition in hepatology, affecting a much smaller number of liver patients, about 12,000 per year. However the effect is often dramatic and leading to a liver transplantation - if available.

List of Indications in Hepatology

Chronic Liver Diseases

  • infectious liver disease (HBV, HCV, HDV)
  • toxic-chronic (alcoholic)
  • NASH
  • co-infection (HBV+HIV)
  • toxic-chronic (drug induced)
  • autoimmune (PBC, chronic-active autoimmune hepatitis)
  • metabolic (hemochromatosis, Wilson's disease)
  • biliary (cholestasis; SecondaryBiliaryCirrhosis)
  • vasculary (heart failure)
  • other chronic (participation of liver in Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, Tuberculosis etc.)
  • kryptogenic symptoms (suspected fibrosis / cirrhosis)

Liver Transplantation (LTx)

  • pre LTx
  • post LTx

Liver Resection

  • tumour surgery
  • donor before partial resection for living related LTx
  • donor after partial resection for living related LTx

Acute Liver Failure or Fulminant Hepatic Failure

  • infectious - viral (A, B, C, D, E), sepsis
  • toxic-acute (paracetamol, alcohol, mushroom poisoning and other)
  • other acute - acute fatty liver (pregnancy, tetracyclines, alcohol, Reye syndrome)
  • other acute - multi organ (liver) failure after heart surgery
  • ischemic (surgical procedures, occlusion of hepatic artery)
  • vascular (heart failure; Budd Chiari syndrome)
  • cryptogenic
  • toxic-acute (intoxication with strongly albumin bound substances)

Paediatric Liver Diseases

  • paediatric (mucoviscidosis, cystic fibrosis)
  • paediatric (primary billiary artresia)

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Indications in Hepatology and Liver Diseases

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