Liver Function Test

Liver Function Challenge Tests

There are a large number of tests to assess liver function in hepatology. Well known is the "Functional Liver Detoxification Profile" or simple liver function challenge test. These non-invasive tests check the ability of the liver to detoxify and eliminate drugs and other chemicals. Patients are given a number of challenge substances, typically caffeine, acetaminophen, and salicylate. Then breath, saliva and urine samples are collected at timed intervals and sent to the laboratory for analysis. After years of relative stand still we see a novellity in real time testing now. A real-time liver function breath test, which makes the sampling procedure and laboratory redundent.

An especially interesting form of liver function challenge test is the 13C-breath test and the ICG (indocyanine green) test.

Liver 13C Breath Test

13C-breath tests for liver diagnostic have a high patient acceptance as they are non-invasive and non-radioactive as a diagnostic method. 13C-breath tests do provide a continuous real-time diagnosis for kinetics and for capacity of liver functions. The quantification of liver function using hepatically metabolized 13C-substrates is clinically helpful in various indications. The liver market in Germany seems to be far advanced in the use of 13C-breath liver diagnostic tests.

A major disadvantage of many breath tests in liver diagnosis is their lack of standardization and the bothersome procedure in practical praxis.

Comparable results can be expected if 13C-breath tests is executed on validated 13C/12C-breath testing systems. Morover standardized 13C-substrate, test drink,timing to take the breath samples are necessary. Important is as well that the adjacent data from collectives of normal healthy volunteers are available as a base to compare patient's actual test results. Under these conditions 13C-breath tests are very convenient for assessment of patient's liver status.

Real Time 13C Breath Test

In future the bothersome sampling procedure might be changed by an innovative breath analysis device that makes instant measurement at the bedside of the liver function of patients with critical liver failure possible. By way of the LiMAx test the FLIP device provides doctors with a better and safer basis in their decision making. The test with all its advantages has already been successfully used in thousands of patients.

ICG Test

Indocyanine Green (ICG) is a substance exclusively cleared from the blood by the liver. Therefore the ICG clearance is a good indication for liver test with high dynamic. This makes ICG monitoring especially useful in the emergency, operating and intensive care, though it has a broad field of application in chronic liver diseases, pediatric liver diseases and acute liver failures.

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Liver Function Challenge Tests

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