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Liver Therapy

The therapy of liver diseases has a growing importance as the number of patients in need is still rising. Especially innovative liver cancer therapy and innovative liver support therapy is urgently needed. The indications and therefore the necessary liver therapy is varying largely between different regions. Hepatitis B virus e.g. is said to have infected about one third of the world population, thereof 350 million people (perhaps 400) chronically. While this was a decade ago more a problem in poorer countries, growing travel makes it a universal liver disease. Vaccination programs can help but still 5,000 people will die each year from hepatitis B and its complications in the US alone. Wordwide therapy of the consequences of viral hepatitis for the liver is available only for a minority. Especially if liver transplantation or relatively expensive recombinant drugs are the appropriate liver therapy. Access to innovative treatment of liver cancer and innovative liver support therapy is limited here.

Today's therapy of the liver consists of a wide variety of different procedures, to mention only some:

  • symptomatic therapy
  • anti shock therapy, ICU-care
  • alcoholic abstinence
  • liver therapeutics, vitamines
  • Ribavirin, Interferon (not in acute stadium)
  • dialysis, antibiose, diuretika, ventilation
  • haemoperfusion
  • Poison elimination (gastrolavage, activated charcoal, forced diuresis,albumin dialysis)
  • antidota at such as Paracetamol (ACC)
  • Surgical as liver resection and liver transplantation

New liver therapies are introduced to the market. Some of the most innovative liver therapies you will find on the according sites, were we will give a more detailed picture of surgical techniques (Liver Transplantation) and non-invasive liver therapy (e.g. ultrasound, ablation, embolisation) as well as extracorporeal liver support systems and pharmaceutical liver therapy.

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Liver Therapy

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